Friday, January 9, 2009

Random stuff

Chef E has a Scatergories game going on and I thought I'd participate so here goes :
  • what is your name? Wunderwoman
  • a four-letter word? Worm
  • a boy's name? Wyatt
  • a girl's name? Whitney
  • occupation? waitress
  • color? White
  • something you wear? watch
  • beverage? Wine
  • food? Watermelon
  • something used in a bathroom? Washcloth
Ok, that was pretty fun, so please check out Chef E and join in! I better tell you the rules, you use the first letter of your name and then pass it on, come on you can do it;)

This is my Birthday weekend, yes on Sunday I'll be another year older....honestly I haven't really been dreading it or anything, it's just another day. I am going to try out the Jello Sliders that Chef E and Hoodchick have graciously provided recipes for. Gotta do it now, cause Tuesday I start back to school, and really I am kinda dreading that....

Not much else going on here, I did read a book tonight, and I did cook for Bigblock and Thing 2. Oh, I do have something to tell you though, Bigblock mentioned me going out and shoveling snow tonight (can you imagine, ME shoveling snow when I HATE the white stuff) anyways I told him when he did the dishes I would shovel, haha I don't have to shovel!!! I swear he loves to rub it in that I can't take the cold, he called today at lunch to see what the weather is like at home uh duh it's snowing.....again.

I want to burn a cd of music to listen to on the drive back and forth to school, I drive about one hour each I need your help. Please tell me what your favorite songs are..I need some up tempo music. Gotta go I'll check in with you later this week(end)?


Barrie said...

I had my teen put some upbeat music on my iPod for me to use at the gym. You know what band keeps me moving on the Elliptical? Rufio? FWIW.

Vodka Mom said...

Happy birthday!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I wondered over from TMI.

I am also having a birthday tomorrow (on 1/11).

Happy Birthday!!

(and I love wonderwoman)

Chef E said...

I was coming over to see how your head was feeling, but I guess the party has no started yet?

Thanks for playing the game with us!

Jello shots for everyone, on the house!

Okay, I see I have to go sing to another new friend! Girls mine is in JUNE, so start practicing...

Chef E said...

I call Blogging the 90's version of AOL IM'ing, but with middle age'rs, and we have given up the

Chef E said...
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Chef E said...

I see you have something new, I hope I get invited to read...since you come over to my 'other' side :)

Hope your birthday is going fine, and your hangover is many jello shots did you make?

Happy Birthday, la la la

Wunderwoman said...

LOL Had too many shots!

will return tomorrow maybe even have some pics?

Debra said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoyed reading your ansswer on Scattegories. Nothing gets me motivated more than jamming with AC/DC!

P.S. thanks for visiting my blog and the contrats on the promotion!

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