Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cell Phone and What Would YOU do?

I have an amusing story to tell, and I have a disturbing question for you today. Ok, for the amusing first, at my house we have cancelled our landline and went totally to using cell phones. We found it was just tooo expensive to pay for a phone at home that wasn't being used(we were by ourselves at this time). Bigblock has one and I have another. By the way, that 's just a pic I found and not my real phone, but it does look like mine. Yes!!, I have learned how to add pictures;) Thing 2 still lives at home(why do they always say they're moving out when they're old enough and then coming back home?) although, if he wanted to he could live wherever he chose(he is over 18, by the way). I don't mind letting him borrow my phone. But the last few weeks when I need to make a call I have to search for it. He was plugging it in each night and I liked that because I don't pay too much attention and would always let my phone go dead. Anyway, if it's early in the morning, then most likely it's in bed with him because he likes to talk to his friends and girlfriend late into the night and the minutes are free,free,free. Well tonight when I wanted to call my oldest Sis, he had it in the bathroom with him while showering. I know, ewww. Do you have this same issues with your kids? (this is not the disturbing question, please continue reading)!

Now for the disturbing question. What would you do if you saw a woman spanking her child outside your home? For a little background info: my husband (Bigblock) and I were talking to his brother and niece this afternoon and suddenly Bigblock says, "that little guys sure getting it", and then his brother said, "well he's getting it again", and the niece and I look out the window and the woman is in the road spanking the little boy (probably about 4 years old) again. Ok, I admit it, I have a loud mouth and sometimes don't think before going off on someone. Anyways, I went to the door and said to the woman, "don't you think you've whipped him enough?" and she said "what?" so I repeated myself. To which she replied that she was trying to teach him something. And I replied "I'll teach you something, if you spank him again I'll call the law on you". She gathered the little guy, an older child, and her dog and continued down the road. I normally wouldn't say anything but she had whipped him 3 times!! I believe that parents should correct their children, and yes my boys were swatted a few times growing up, but never like this little guy was getting. I pray that I didn't make it worse for the little guy when she got him home, but I couldn't just sit there and watch it!! So my question to you is What would YOU have done? Please don't leave hateful comments I just wonder if I should have handled it differently. And NO, I don't know who the woman was.


John Deere Mom said...

Hmm...that's a good question. I don't think I would have done anything, though. Unless I knew it was a habitual problem and the child really was being beaten or spanked more than necessary. I have spanked my kids and I would hate to think someone would yell at me or threaten to call the police. Not that I do it often or in public...hmmm, something to think about for sure.

Wunderwoman said...

What was upsetting to me was she repeatedly spanked him (3 times). I think she needed a cool-down break. Hopefully I never witness something like this again!!!