Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I love books, seriously, I read all the time. I've even been known to have withdrawl symptoms if I haven't read anything recently and will read the back of shampoo bottles and such. So today (or sometime this week) I am going to go through a whole box of books I've had for years. Only thing is, I cannot throw them away. I must give these treasures to someone who I know will appreciate them. It's even difficult for me to throw away magazines I get. I really need some help don't I?

To tell the truth I can't afford my addiction. I use our library as much as possible. Also, that costs me money sometimes, because I don't always remember to take them back on time (oh those dreaded fines). I also have a Sis and SIL that read almost as much as I do so we will occasionally trade books back and forth.

I have found this website called paperbackswap.com that feeds my addiction. Wow, I've added my very first link!! How it works is you list a certain number of books and you recieve credits, that allow you to order books. They also have swap a CD and DVDs too. When you order books, the sender pays postage and it doesn't cost you anything but one of your credits. If someone orders books from you, then you pay postage (generally $2-3) and you earn credits when they mark the book received or if you use the printable postage with tracking then you recieve credits as soon as you mark the book mailed. Awesome site, check it out!!

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Barrie said...

Since you're an avid reader, would you consider writing a book review (it can be as short as you want it to be!) and posting the review on your blog on Wed. Feb 4. I'm setting up a blog round-up where we each review a book the first Wed of each month. I'll link to all participants. No pressure, just thought I'd ask. ;)