Friday, March 27, 2009


Last night Bigblock and I were watching Overhaulin and this guy was actually kissing his car, and he was leaning into it and everything, Bigblock says this is a man thing.

Now a little background here, this week has seen a dear family friend pass away. B used to watch my children, and kept them from the time they were small babies until they were in school full time. So, as often happens, we have been talking about arrangements for ourselves, or what we intend to do if the other passes before ourselves. I know, I know, you're thinking how does this tie into Overhaulin, well I'm getting there.

Bigblock has had several cars in his lifetime. The only one he has hung onto though still sits in the garage. It's his pride and joy. I think he would get rid of me before that car, well he has had it longer LOL. It doesn't like me. Alot of his cars have been like that. For instance, when there was a place I needed to go, and this was the only way I had to get there, it popped and cracked on me ALL the way. When I find a key that fits and will start it only to find out it's the WRONG key and now won't shut the car OFF now dammit, I think it is secretly laughing at me. This is the car that I don't dare leave a scratch on. It's also the car Bigblock knows I have a tough time shifting, oh yeah baby it's a standard, and it takes BOTH hands to grab the gear shift and woman handle it into gear, he won't fix it because he doesn't want me to drive the stupid car. It's a car meant to be handled rough. But not by anyone but Bigblock.

So what kind of car is it? It's a 1965 Chevelle with a 454 BIGBLOCk engine, some kind of special headers and mufflers (whatever) oh yeah baby it will go. Every time we see Overhaulin on TV, Bigblock mentions that he would love to have this car overhauled.

So what does this have to do with funeral arrangements you want to know? Well, I have told Bigblock for years that if he dies before me, he will be taking that darn car with him. I have plans. I will take that stupid car to the crusher! Yes, I will have it crushed and I intend to make sure it is as small a package as I can get, and it will be thrown on his chest. Take that Bigblock!! He loves it, he should take it with him! Thing 1 and 2 are in disagreement. They both think they should get this car. So what's a girl to do, but send it with Bigblock? Ahhh true love............


Chef E said...

I love it...I am telling hubby, well I call him daddywarbucks around here, since he is always ordering toys, books, and CD' when he goes I have told him I am selling everything...EVERYTHING, and I am moving into a home on wheels and following my son around, and wait for the grand kids to come poppin out, lol Selling his grandpa car too!!!

Debra said...

My hubs is that way about his motorcycle! You need to post a picture of that car. I would love to see it!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Yes, picture please. Have I ever mentioned that the car we dated in 100 years ago is still in the driveway?