Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Flower Mound, Texas

I've got a question for everyone. Do you look at your map to see where people are that visit your site? I occasionally do, and want to look more. Tonight I took a look and found Flower Mound, Texas. I want to find out more about the great U.S. of A., so in doing this I plan on visiting the websites for hometowns of visitors. Now mind you, I will look at other places other than America, but really can you name any more beautiful and varied place than where we all live?

A little info about Flower Mound:
"Ten minutes from anywhere in the world"
Population consists of 62,450 of which the largest age group is the 35-44 year old range
Incorporated in 1961 (still a young city)
Ranked as one of the safest communities in Texas
Now we're getting to the good part, 232 days clear or partly cloudy skies AND average snowfall of 2.7 inches a year (yeah baby now we're talking)
Average temp is 75.8F

I am sure with my little visit that I didn't get all the info, but I did see some pretty scenery and learned a little. Just what I got on the internet for!

Goodnight all have a great week;)

Edited: for comparison, my hometown July 2007 population: 947


Chef E said...

LOL, I lived near there where I grew up in Dallas, Texas! I only moved here four years ago...and it is more sophisticated than Garland Texas :)

Anonymous said...

Flower Mound is a nice place to visit..... well, yes it's nice.


I'm from a very small town. I love small towns!

Debra said...

I have that on my blog too and LOVE it! It is so neat to see that people from all over the world are looking at your blog. Too cool!

Twenty Four At Heart said...

I get flower mound too. Will the flower mound reader please stand up? : ) I do look at locations because I still get very excited when new countries show up.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Does your hometown have the sign at the entrance to town that tells the population? I love that!

Barrie said...

Guess what? I actually know someone who lives in Flower Mound!! Weird, eh?