Sunday, March 22, 2009

Man Up Dude

I usually try to keep this a happy place to visit. But, sometimes it's just really hard to find anything to be happy about.
For instance, Bigblock and I had a disagreement last night. So what does he do? He goes in the bedroom shutting both doors, like he is locking me out. What the hell? Man Up Dude and quit acting like a child!! Does your significant other do this too? Or is it just mine?


HoodChick said...

Are you kidding? Some of my best evenings are when I'm getting the silent treatment!

Debra said...

It's quite alright to not be happy all the time! This is a good place to vent. When I get mad at my hubs, I just ignore him. He can't stand it. Only problem is, after 13years he now does it to me. He such a follower. Ha,ha!

Enjoy the quiet!

Chef E said...

Well, we really do not fight, but on occasion I cannot stand it when he ignores me over money spent, so once I snapped and said FU to him, and then shortly later that year he said it to me going up stare which is hilarious because he just cannot pull it off like me, so since we have been fine. I guess now and then you have to have dreams about somebody else and remind them you are still wanted by someone out there, lol

Smart Mouth Broad said...

MHS doesn't close the door but he just goes to bed in the middle of an argument. It drives me crazy because I can't sleep when I'm upset. Grrrrr.