Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Miss...

Sitting here tonight thinking about things I miss, so here goes

I miss:

my grandchildren

warm weather and the sun beating down on me, driving with the car windows down

going to work (really I do, I am NOT a homebody)

my children being young, where did the years go?

my parents, NOW I think of questions I should have asked

being skinny

Sunday breakfast with Blondie

What do you miss? I know that I have been a Slacker, but will try to do better. I miss you guys!!


Anonymous said...

Something about this time of year....or the weather....or something, has made me really miss a lot of things and people, as well.

Maybe we need more sunshine (Vitamin D).

We've missed you too.

Debra said...

I have missed you! And I miss sunshine. (Not enough here in Ohio lately.) I have been in the dumps and I think it is due to lack of vitamin D!Forget spring, I am ready for summer!

Oh, and I miss my cell phone. Lost it last week....IN MY HOUSE!