Monday, February 16, 2009

Random ruminations

Just wanted to drop in, say Hi! How are you doing? I'm busy, how 'bout yourself?

On a good note, well not to some but to me, I hear the skunks are out and about. I hear you asking, why is this something you're happy about? It's a sign that spring is on it's way here!! See, I believe they hibernate so when they start coming out, spring can't be too far away. What signs of spring do you look for each year? I don't know about yourself, but this winter seemed to last for.ever....

Looking out my front door I see a house that has been abandoned, and another right next to me. I hope the economy gets back on track soon and I get some decent neighbors. Do you have homes that are casualties of the times near you too? President Obama is signing the stimulus package tomorrow, I pray it helps;)

Oh, I have a question....does anyone know of a site to teach how to write in code? Such as for making the buttons on the sidebars? I really want to get involved in this,goodness I really need about 27 hours to a day LOL

I'll be seeing you around,


Chef E said...

Yes, we have had sun four days in a row now, and I sprung into action with early 'Spring' cleaning!

midlife slices said...

It's really hard to see sure signs of spring in Texas and Oklahoma because one day it's 80 and the next day it's 30 so things green and then die and then green again......but I always feel like it's spring on the first morning I walk outside early and it's not too cold and birds are signing everywhere. I hope it gets here soon, but yet......I hate summer so I'd rather keep the winter around a little longer.

midlife slices said...

Oh..and just google html code and you'll find a million places to learn. :) Good luck.

Debra said...

I live in Ohio and heard birds chirping the other morning. Good sign!

HoodChick said...

My neighbor put their house up for sale, because of a new job. I'm worried about what new neighbors will be like.

My daffodils are about an inch tall!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Great idea! 27 hours in a day! Can we get that bill passed thru congress? Sorry but I'm no help on the code.

Cynthia said...

This is Cynthia from
I Use Photoshop Elements Version 5
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